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Purchase below apps from Amazon Appstore

Or try them out before purchasing (demo apps expire after a set period of time):

Configure your Android device's settings to allow installation of apps from unknown sources to enable automatic installation of these apps.

Settings | Security | Tick off "Apps from Unknown Sources"

If downloaded app doesn't install automatically:
1. Tap the downloaded app in "Downloads"*** to install
2. Find the installed app in the Apps tab and move it to the home screen for quick access/launch

***Kindle Fire devices:

1. Tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of Amazon Silk browser
2. Tap "Downloads", then tap the downloaded app to install

OmniClock.apk (674 KB)
Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home
Let OmniClock gently rouse you from your peaceful slumber with your favorite music or internet-streaming audio/podcast and if you're still not fully roused from your deep slumber after a specified amount of time, OmniClock will sound a rude-awakening alarm to attempt to awaken you and/or your bed-mates, roommates, or housemates. Music and alarm volumes can be separately controlled.

Let OmniClock make forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, monthly due dates a thing of the past. Schedule hourly/daily/weekly alarms; schedule monthly alarms for payment reminders; schedule yearly alarms for anniversaries, birthdays, etc...

Play music or stream*** audio/podcast from Internet and then sound alarm after the specified elapsed time.
Play music/podcast only (don't sound annoying alarm).
Sound alarm only (don't lull me back to sleep with music).
Create as many alarms as desired.
Schedule monthly alarms (for monthly payment reminders).
Schedule yearly alarms (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc...).
Schedule repeating alarms at customized intervals (feed unplanned child once every 3 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes, for example).
Lock alarm to prevent unintended changes.
Control music and alarm volumes.

*** Internet connection is required to stream audio over the internet. Following are some examples of (National Public Radio) audio streaming URLs:

RubiksCube.apk (142 KB)
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Have a Rubik's Cube you don't know how to solve?  This app lets you paint the virtual cube to resemble your physical cube and unscramble the newly painted cube in 3D animation that you can follow along to solve your physical cube.  The app will let you know if the painted cube is invalid (can't be solved with legal moves).

Paint the cube.
Scramble/unscramble the cube.
Record turns for playback.
Vary rewind/forward (playback) speed.
Resize the cube (Pinch/Zoom to resize cube available on large devices).
Play audio.
Touch screen with 4 fingers to scramble (available on large devices).

RubiksCubeScreensaver.apk (184 KB)
Home Home Home
Rendered in 3D, Rubik's Cube scrambles and unscrambles itself as it changes size and moves about in the screen while (famous) quotes scroll and music plays.

SlidingPuzzle.apk (101 KB)
Home Home Home Home Home Home Home
Arrange the numbered tiles in ascending order from left to right, top to bottom while being timed.
Scramble the puzzle and either manually solve it or have the app solve it.  Want to sharpen your mental acuity?  See if you can solve a 2x8 puzzle that the app solves in 3 different ways!
The puzzle's dimensions are customizable, from short 2x2 and 2x24 to tall 24x2 and 24x24 (screen size dictates how large the puzzle can be).  There are multiple playback speeds for solving the puzzle and a timer to record the elapsed time of the solution.
Added Audio capability on Dec-18-2014.

SingSonger.apk (MP3 Player; 150 KB)
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Specify an audio directory and SingSonger will (sequentially or randomly) play audio files in the directory and its subdirectories, recursively.  Or have SingerSonger live-stream audio/podcast (radio/music) over the Internet.  SingSonger can be configured to stop playing after the specified elapsed time (ideal for listening at bedtime).

Play audio files randomly/sequentially.
Stream audio/podcast (radio/music) over the internet.
Automatically stop player after the specified elapsed time.
Recursively search sub-directories for supported audio files to play.

WifiSwitch.apk (103 KB)
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WifiSwitch automatically turns off WiFi when the device sleeps and turns it back on*** when the device awakes.

Ideal for users with a limited WiFi data plan as no uncontrolled or unwanted downloads/updates/streaming/etc... via WiFi occur while the device sleeps. Turning off WiFi while the device is in sleep mode also saves battery.

*** WiFi won't be turned on when the device wakes up if WiFi was off when the device entered sleep mode.

Last updated Aug-19-2017.